Kamers 2016

Hey Ya’ll

On Friday post exams and work ,I went over to Kamers at the Castle of Good Hope.

What is Kamers you ask? also known as Kamers vol geskenke – direct translation to english is room’s full of gifts which is exactly what this event is like. Continue reading

Capturing Unforgettable Moments

This is such a strange week for my family every year, its a week of celebration and sadness, so many of my family members celebrate a birthday in this week, but we also remember those we’ve lost, My grandfather whose birthday it would have been today and my cousin Jo the mighty Lion who left this world 6 years ago yesterday. To add to that Craig’s also lost his grandfather this week and my thoughts are with him and his family. This strange somber, yet celebratory mood, somehow  brings a calming effect to me, a numbness that’s subdued me against the effects of the week. All week in the traffic or other annoying circumstances I’ve been so calm, even felt oddly happy when letting taxi drivers pass in front of me its all so peculiar but I’m grateful for the feeling. Continue reading